We're really excited about the Pridefest this year, 2018 was a hit and we're looking forward to making 2019 even better.  If you have questions, please contact Sarah Michelle at 865-258-0085 or pridefest@knoxpride.com

2019 availability is CLOSED!

We'll be at the Mary Costa Plaza at the Civic Coliseum! The address is 715 Honor Our Troops Dr, Knoxville TN, 37915

Timing:  12-8pm with the parade at 11:

  • Setup will be from 7 am - 11 am June 22nd.

    • If you have a complex or lengthy setup/tear down, please contact one of us to discuss your options.

    • All vehicles must be off the lawn by 10:15am!!!

    • Vehicles will only be permitted in the load in dock unless approved by the board.

  • The parade will kickoff at 11 AM.

  • The festival will run from 12-8 PM.

  • Tear down will start at approximately 8:15 and vehicles will be allowed to pull on to the designated sections of the lawn.

Power (Additional $25): (in several voltages/amp combinations) is available on the lawn. Standard 110v power points will be spread around the lawn, but you will need to bring a LONG (100 ft) extension cord to guarantee that you'll be able to reach the closest power point.  Please keep in mind that the lawn could be wet\damp and plan for safety accordingly.  If you require more 240v or more than 10 amps of 110v power be sure to contact me so we can position you near an appropriate power point, however you may still need an extension.

Water: Portable water will be available in a few locations around the lawn, if you need a continuous freshwater supply you must let me know so we can position your booth correctly.  You will need to provide enough hose to reach from your booth location to the nearest water valve (~100ft).  We'll also have at least one with a spigot to use for filling coolers etc.

  • Any vendor, not just food vendors, may give away (but not sell) any brand of bottled water. Food vendors may sell water, but it must be our Official Soda Sponsor's brand. Only food vendors may offer non-water beverages of the Pepsi Co Brand.

  • Storing or dumping ice on the grass is prohibited! Please dump ice on drainage grates or paved areas after the festival is over.

Load In: Again, starting at 7:00 vendors will be permitted to move into their booths. Vehicles will be allowed to pull onto designated areas of the lawn. Please plan accordingly. If you are a food vendor with a truck or trailer we can discuss the options. 

  • All vehicles must be off the lawn by 9:15 and will not be permitted back on the lawn until 8:15. Please plan accordingly to have enough people / carts / etc to be able to effectively move your items from the designated loading areas, across the grass to your booth. During the festival if you require more supplies you will not be allowed to drive into the gate area. The gate will have a PrideFest representative and a representative from KPD. You may unload at the gate and walk your items, however the only vehicles allowed to enter the gate and leave after 11 AM will be those with official parking permit. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

  • At no time can a vehicle block any road! KPD & UT Police has little tolerance for this, and PrideFest is not responsible for the resulting consequences. You have been warned.

Load Out: Vendors are encouraged to stay for the entire festival, but if you need to leave early, please keep in mind that we will not allow vehicles onto the lawn while we have guests, it’s just not safe. Once the crowds thin around 8:15 we’ll allow vehicles to pull onto the designated area to load, but again they will not be allowed to pull up onto the rest of the lawn.  Again, DO NOT DUMP ICE on the grass (the ice may kill the grass), it should be dumped on storm drains or pavement.

Food Vendors:  This will be a great opportunity for food vendors and we've made one big change: Knox Pride will not be selling soda products this year so food vendors are welcome to do so.  

  • All beverage products must be from the Official Soda Sponsor's family of brands.

  • Knox Pride will exclusively be selling beer, wine and liquor.

  • Food vendors may sell bottled water, but it must be from the Sponsor's family. Please note however that other vendors may be giving water away while their supplies last.

  • Please keep in mind that there are City and PBA regulations that must be accommodated (especially if you will be cooking food) to protect the park itself and keep everyone safe.

There is a new Food truck ordinance for the City of Knoxville.  Details can be found here.  It is the responsibility of Vendors to get any permits required by the City.

  • If you are cooking (anything) you must have a working fire extinguisher. The fire marshal will be on site to ensure compliance.

  • Do not store food containers (including plastic ones) directly on the grass. Use a pallet or crate (soda crates are popular) to elevate your containers.

  • If you are not cooking in a truck\trailer you must have an absorbent mat under the cooking equipment to protect the grass.

  • You must not dump anything hot or frozen directly on the grass, this includes: oil, ashes, ice, etc..

  • If you have a truck or trailer that you vend from we’ll need to discuss your requirements so we can work you into the layout.

Costs: We strive to keep your costs low and primarily cover the rental costs for equipment. Your fee gets you a 10×10 covered booth space with one 8' table and 2 folding chairs.  If you have special needs for your area, prefer to use your own tent, or don’t want one at all, please make sure you contact me to discuss your options. Please note however, that use of your own tent (or none at all) does not reduce the vendor fee. Deadline for registration is June 1st.

  • Non-Profit organizations: $150*

  • For Profit organizations: $300*

  • Food Vendors: $550** 


Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you this year at Pride!

*After May 15th For-Profit Booth ($350), Non-Profit Booth ($150)

** dine OUT sponsors qualify for a $100 discount

**Please note**


TO: P.O. BOX 30315 KNOXVILLE, TN 37930