Knox Pride Is Expanding

Please contact Knox Pride if you are interested in any of the positions listed below. Nominations are due by the September 11th with elections taking place on October 9th.  


Board positions require a commitment of one public and one working meeting per month in addition to attendance at all fundraising events for 3 years.  Officer positions also require attendance at Executive Board meetings. Positions are all volunteer, non-paid roles open to the LGBTQ+ community and our Allies.


  • Supporting the local and surrounding LGBTQ+ community
  •  2 VIP Tickets to Pridefest 
  • Merchandise
  • Board Outings


As an Officer of the Board, the Treasurer maintains the organization's finances, budgets and annual reporting. 


  • Provide monthly financial update
  • Review budgets presented by Committee Chairs/Event Coordinators and make recommendation to Executive Board
  • Maintain P.O. Box 
  • Manage Accounts Payable/Receivable via Quickbooks
  • Issue payments  - requires two Executive Board signatures
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements
  • Provide required documentation to Accountant for quarterly assessment
  • Complete annual IRS filing with Accountant
  • Obtain annual financial audit for submission to sponsors/grants
Board Position


As an Officer of the Board, the Secretary maintains agendas, meeting minutes, emails and forms.


  • Create and publish monthly meeting agenda
  • Announce quorum at start of all meetings
  • Maintain meeting minutes according to Roberts Rules of Order
  • Provide meeting notes to all board members within 5 business days
  • Create and publish organizational forms
  • Assist President with designated tasks
Board Position

Marketing Committee Chair

The Marketing Committee Chair will oversee committee members, assign tasks and develop marketing campaigns.


  • Maintain website and social media with new materials, events and sponsors
  • Create and maintain social media calendar with all Knox Pride events
  • Prepare and publish social media post across all platforms
  • Post live feeds from select events
  • Research and propose new marketing avenues - i.e. digital, radio, etc.
  • Develop marketing campaigns in conjunction with Committee Chairs/Event Coordinators
  • Confer with graphic designer on marketing needs
  • Ensure completion of committee assigned tasks in timely manner
  • Manage and publish Knox Pride marketing newsletter
  • Expand marketing committee
Board Position

Entertainment Coordinator

The Entertainment Coordinator arranges all entertainment, staging and sound for all Knox Pride events. This role includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities.


  • Contact talent agents and negotiating contracts, buyouts, stage plots and tech/hospitality riders for each entertainer in the best interest of Knox Pride (with board approval)
  • Coordinate payment and compliance to all contractual agreements on the behalf of Knox Pride (with executive board involvement)
  • Cultivate relationships with local groups such as the KGMC, Knoxville Opera, local LGBTQ+ bars, etc and coordinate their involvement in the festival
  • Contacting and cultivating relationships with local companies that provide professional staging and sounds equipment needs
  • Create sound check and performance schedules for stages at Knox Pridefest
  • Create layout for backstage area tents to accommodate green room, dressing rooms, sound equipment, entertainer instruments etc
  • During the days leading up to the festival being present for installation of the stage and backstage area to ensure proper placement of backstage tents, stage and sound booth (all need to be in place before the day of the festival)
  • Ensuring enough staff/volunteers for the day of the festival to co-ordinate load in for sound company and entertainers, sounds checks, set up hospitality backstage and stage manage the stages


Board Position


The Merchandiser maintains all aspects of Knox Pride merchandise. 


  • Work in concert with graphic designer on merchandise development
  • Obtain quotes and select supplier(s) for merchandise
  • Complete quarterly inventory and as sold in online store and at events
  • Request promotion of seasonal and standard merchandise from Marketing Committee
  • Ship merchandise within 48 hours of online order
  • Manage merchandise table at all events
  • Set-up, organize, staff and tear-down Pridefest merchandise tent
  • Research and propose new merchandise opportunties
Board Position

Adventures with Pride and Dine Out Committee Chair

This Committee Chair position oversees Knox Pride's Adventures with Pride and Dine Out series. you are responsible for coordinating these events and making sure other board members are signed up for the events to there is always a few Knox Pride representatives at each event.

Event Descriptions:

  • Adventures with Pride - This series is a monthly event designed to offer the LGBTQ+ and Ally communities of all ages an opportunity to meet others with like interests. i.e. - Bowling, hiking, etc.
  • Dine Out with Pride - This is a series of nights hosted by local restaurants in support of Knox Pride. 


  • Coordinate and represent Knox Pride at all Adventures with Pride events
  • Organize all Dine Out with Pride events with local restaurants
  • Schedule board members for each event and maintain list
  • Issue reminders of events and assigned board members via Slack
  • Consult with Marketing Committee on event announcements and calendar updates
Board Position.png

Fundraiser Event Coordinator

The Fundraiser Event Coordinator will oversee all fundraising events except Pridefest. Coordinator will assist Pridefest Chair in planning and execution of event.


  • Assist with management of ArtOut, N2N, etc. 
  • Oversee Frightfest, Lip Sync Battle, Mardi Gras, etc. 
  • Ensure event planning is progressing adequately 
  • Determine marketing needs with event chair, if applicable
  • Maintain vendor relationships - i.e. venue, catering, etc. 
Board Position.png

Parade Coordinator

The Parade Coordinator manages all aspects of the annual Pridefest Parade.  This role comprises of, but is not limited to the following duties.


  • Complete City of Knoxville Parade Request Form
  • Complete City of Knoxville Crisis Management Emergency Plan
  • Schedule all parade requirements for Knoxville Police Department and Knoxville Fire Department 
  • Confer with Marketing Committee to create and publish promotional needs
  • Confirm all parade registrations via email and include parade regulations
  • Organize all participants day of event
  • Manage flow of parade
  • Determine criteria for parade winners - i.e. best float, largest contingent, etc.
Volunteer Position

Technical Writer/Editor

The Technical Writer will work with the Marketing Committee and Secretary to ensure all public relations and promotional material verbiage is with scope for Knox Pride's brand. 


  • Review and edit Knox Pride's Sponsorship Packet
  • Review and edit Knox Pride's annual Pridebook
  • Proofread all event marketing materials
  • Assist with public relations announcements
Volunteer Position

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer will work hand in hand with the Marketing Committee to promote Knox Pride's image and brand.


  • Create content for social media and marketing
  • Create marketing materials for each event
  • Manage vendor relationship for merchandise and promotional materials
  • Brainstorm with Marketing Committee and Merchandiser on new promotional merchandise
  • Submit design suggestions to the Board for annual Knox Pride T-shirt
  • Manage design process for annual Pridebook and consult with Board
Volunteer Position

Marketing Committee Member (3 needed)

Marketing Committee Members will work with the Marketing Committee Chair on assigned tasks.


  • Live stream events
  • Create and publish social media posts
  • Assist with managing all marketing channels
  • Assignments as determined by Marketing Committee Chair
  • Research new marketing options

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