Group Resources:

The Lesbian Social Group

The Lesbian Social Group of Knoxville TN LSG is over 20 yrs old. We are just casual community way to meet other women. We offer activities such as meeting, Women's Dances, Annual Hikes, and Bike Rides. We also provide resources and support.


Southern Rainbows TN  

Southern Rainbows is a group originating from 16 yr old yahoo group. The Tennessee group was started in 2014 by a small group of friends. We are mainly women of various orientations. Our activities foster friendship & empowerment.



We support female artists, civic organizations that provide support services to women, and any organization that seeks to enhance the strength of womynhood in today's social, political and economic environment.


TN Car Craze Women’s Car Club 

We love to talk about cars and the crazy things Tennessean’s do to their car, we go to car shows and plan activities. 

PO Box 22081, Knoxville, TN 37933


Lambda Car Club 

Largest car club for gay men and lesbians. A social group who shares the love for all things cars and automotive.


PFLAG Knoxville 

PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQ community. We're made up of LGBTQ individuals, family members and allies. Because together,we're stronger.


PFLAG Oak Ridge 

PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQ+ community. We're made up of LGBTQ+ individuals, family members and allies. 



Prime Timers Knoxville 

A friendly group for mature aged Gay and Bi men, 30 years and up. Primetimers is a worldwide organization with a chapter located in Knoxville. Annual membership fee.

P.O. Box 20903, Knoxville, TN 37940 



Knoxville Gay Men's Discussion Group  

Over 25 yrs together. We meet each Monday from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm at TVUUC 

2931 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN


Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus 

A group of men joining voices to support the gay community and to build bridges between the LGBTQ+ community and everyone else in East Tennessee.



Voices for Trans Youth Campaign 

The mission of the Voices for Trans Youth Campaign is to make Knox County Schools safer and more supportive for LGBTQ students.


Knoxville Trangender Group

A place for socialization, support, and camaraderie. Allies are welcome but we are not a dating site. Find us on Instagram, Meetup and Twitter!!!


Trans Empowerment Project-National 

Mission Standing up to social injustice and ignorance by educating and empowering our transgender community.



Knox Boyz of East Tennessee 

Helping make better men for today and tomorrow A peer led support group for Transmen aka FTMs (female-to-male transgender/transsexual persons) regardless of medical transition status, in East Tennessee. 

P.O. Box 27746, Knoxville, Tennessee 37927


Knox Girlz of East Tennessee 

A peer led support group for Transwomen aka MTFs (male-to-female transgender / transsexuals) regardless of medical transition status, in East Tennessee.

P.O. Box 27746, Knoxville, Tennessee 37927


SOFFAs of East Tennessee Transgenders

Mission keep families together through education, every transition is a step forward not backward. Supporting friends, partners, and family, of transgender locals in their quests for mutual personal transition success. 

P.O. Box 27746, Knoxville, Tennessee 37927


All Out Knoxville

A platform for LGBT community members and our allies in Knoxville to connect, network, and support one another.