Stand PROUD, Stand United

Good Evening,

In recent days, many within the LGBT community feel that we are entering a time of uncertainty, where the gains that we've made over the last several years are at risk. This is the time to come together and remind ourselves, along with our friends and loved ones, that we are not alone. We've become a visible and vibrant part of the American tapestry through the hard work of our community and the amazing support of our allies, who will fight with us to hold onto the gains we've made. We're not going anywhere and while progress may slow as we find our way through the new political landscape, when we work together and support one another, we will move forward.

The results of the Presidential election were not what many of us expected or desired, but we have the power and obligation to continue to move forward and fight for equality for all people. Knoxville Pridefest has been a focal point for our community for over a decade, offering a visible celebration of our diversity and strength and providing a place where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves regardless of the political environment. Please join with us as we face the challenges of the future. Let us hold our heads high, love one another, stand strong, stand PROUD, and stand united. 

In solidarity,
Knoxville Pridefest

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