Exclusive Beverage Sponsorships

As part of our “Supporting Those Who Support Us” Strategy, the ETEC Board & the Knoxville PrideFest Committee would like to invite your company to be the “Official Beer, Wine, or Liquor of Knoxville PrideFest 2014”.   

June is Gay Pride month in Knoxville, but our celebrations extend all year long with events honoring businesses and organizations that are welcoming and inclusive of the GLBT Community.  After a record turnout for our Pride Parade and an estimated 17,000 people at our festival last year, we are taking full advantage of our new, larger venue on the World’s Fair Park with more entertainment and more vendors and we expect an even bigger turnout for 2014.  With events already lining up on the calendar, all culminating in our Pride Parade & Knoxville PrideFest Festival on 6/21/14, we would love to have you be a big part of our celebration this year.

Your sponsorship will position your company as a Premier Beverage sponsor for our organization and, assuming we’re both happy with the outcome, you would have the first opportunity to commit for 2015 and beyond.

Exclusive Beverage Sponsorship Package - $5,000

In exchange for your Sponsorship, you will receive the following:

  • Two full page, full color ads in our 2014 Knoxville PrideFest Book
  • Logo & Recognition as “Official (B/W/L) of Knoxville PrideFest” on Signage on Stage, at both Entrances to the Festival & at all Beverage Stations
  • Logo & Recognition as “Official (B/W/L) of Knoxville PrideFest” online & on all festival print media
  • 4 VIP Passes for your use

We also encourage you to participate, free of charge, in our Annual PrideFest Parade on Saturday, 6/21/14.  The parade grows larger every year and is an excellent opportunity to get the maximum exposure for your products. Attached is information on other sponsorships.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again for your time,                                        

Mark Janes, Beverage Chair
Phone: 865-363-6275
Fax: 865-281-2307

Knoxville PrideFest