Knox PrideFest is much more than just a celebration of diversity or a day to get the LGBTQ+ community together.  It’s also an opportunity to reach out to the larger community in our area.  By bringing in nationally recognized headliners as well as local up and comers, and hosting the event in the middle of our popular downtown, we’re providing an opportunity for the city to see us, meet us, and (most importantly) get to know us as people and neighbors who have many of the same ambitions, troubles, and joys as everyone else. We believe that the best way to advance equality and tolerance of differences is through interaction and familiarity.

Our outreach certainly doesn’t end with Knox PrideFest! The weeks leading up the festival are packed with events including Next to Nothing Fashion Show and Auction, Art Out in the City Art Show and Auction, extensive Dine Out with Pride events at local supportive restaurants, the Pride Picnic – Knoxville’s longest running pride event and our new Adventures with Knox Pride community events that get people together to have fun.  Many of these events are family friendly and all are open to the public.  Outside of June, we have a number of smaller events year round that give people a chance to get together and show their pride.

But we can’t do all of this without support, both from within our community and from the outside.  We need the generous support of individuals, small businesses, organizations, and corporations in order to continue to grow and serve the community.  The LGBTQ+ community, especially in the south, still has to contend with prejudice and bias from many directions, but when they find a place or organization that treats them fairly and without judgment, they are fiercely loyal.  Sponsoring Knox Pride is an incredible opportunity to get your brand and message in front of a large audience by letting them know that you support them and welcome them and their families.  We have a number of great options, from making simple donations, having a booth at an event, or selling food as a vendor all the way up to sponsoring the entertainment at Knox PrideFest.  All of the preset packages can be customized to fit your needs, and if you have something else in mind, we’d love to hear from you.  No matter what you choose you’ll be showing your support for the mission of equality and outreach.

The 2018 Sponsor's guide is here!  Get the Pridebook size templates here to make your ad look its best .  Please note that the reservation deadline for the PrideBook is 4/14/2018

To become a sponsor, please checkout the guide then contact Jennifer Green at 813-638-1446 or to answer any questions or get signed up! For questions about the pridebook please email